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Residential / Housing architectural Studio 3C has a deep rooted history in residential design and construction. The father and grandfather of our founder were both residential building and remodeling contractors. From an early age he worked doing hands on construction; after school, weekends, and summers. When in school he started designing houses and additions for home owners, builders and developers. In 1987 he graduated and found the combination of experience proved to be an asset to his success. For the past 12 years our staffs experience includes working with several developers on a wide verity of residential projects including more than 1,500 multi-family units. Whether your interests are single family or multi family the Architectural studio 3C team has experience you can count on. From the simplest renovation, addition or spec homes to condominium complexes, apartment buildings, or that one of a kind custom show place of your dreams. Our staff is here to help.
At Architectural STUDIO 3C we transform our clients want and needs into alluring built environments 200 Clearview Avenue, Harwinton, Connecticut 06791 p: 860.485.9282