Architectural STUDIO 3C, LLC Architecture n Planning
PROGRAMMING Every project comes with a unique set of aspirations, requirements, and limitations to be met in design. Architectural STUDIO 3C is here to help you identify and delineate these factors along with many other related considerations. Through open communication Architectural STUDIO 3C works with our client’s to determine their project requirements trying to be mindful of future growth. Once these needs have been established we will be able to better determine the scale and flow of your project. At this phase we often will develop a preliminary floor plan and site plan. In most cases this is done prior to or concurrently with the site selection process. Please contact Architectural STUDIO 3C to discuss how we can assist you in determining your project needs.
At Architectural STUDIO 3C we transform our clients want and needs into alluring built environments 200 Clearview Avenue, Harwinton, Connecticut 06791 p: 860.485.9282