Architectural STUDIO 3C, LLC Architecture n Planning
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN These Services are what clients typically think of when they hire an Architect. Schematic Design – This phase involves transforming a projects program needs into floor plans and elevations that we present to the client for approval. Design Development – This is when design documents start to take form. We determine the building materials and how it will be constructed and refine the details. We also coordinate with various consultants. Construction Documents – These are the drawings and specifications used for bidding, obtaining permits and construction. They are also referenced in the owner / contractor agreement. Bidding – When the documents have been issued for bid the Architect responds to questions, issues clarifications, and reviews bids with the owner. Contract Administration – During construction the Architect reviews shop drawings, issues sketches for clarification, answers requests for information, reviews application for payment against the work that is in place, visits the site to determine that the work conforms to plans and specification. At the end of this phase the Architect generates a punch list and once satisfied issues certificate of completion.
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